How Can A Teacher Guardian Use The Classroom App?

This article is a based on how can a Teacher Guardian use Classroom App. If you wish to use the web portal, then click here.

In this guide, we shall learn to use the app in Teacher Guardian access on Bitsmith Classroom app.

Note: Teacher Guardian has same accesses like a Class Teacher, except for “Lectures” option.


Kindly, install Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app on your device. Make sure that you have a Teacher Guardian access or it’s credentials.

Step 1 — Login using Teacher Guardian Access

After logging in, you might be asked about the class/division you are the Teacher Guardian of. Choose the respective class.

Step 2- Observe all tabs

You will now be able to access all options, like Attendance, Materials, Notices, Results, Staff, Students, My Information, Tools.

Teacher Guardian Home Page

To learn to create attendance, notices, result, or upload materials. Check our previous articles.

Step 3- Choose the respective subject

If you want to check attendance, click on “Attendances” and select the subject/practical to want to check of. Similarly, check “Materials” and “Results”.

Step 4- Click on “Staff” or “Students” to check their information.

Staff Information page

If you wish to add any staff’s information. Click on “Add” at the right bottom and enter respective details.

Student Information Page

If you wish to add any student and his/her information. Click on “Create” at the right bottom.


Through this article, we learnt to use the Classroom app using a Teacher Guardian’s access.