How Can Parents Check Their Ward’s Overall Performance And Information Using The Bitsmith Classroom App?

In this guide, we will learn how a Parent can check his ward’s overall information from academic to personal record using Parent’s access of the Bitsmith Classroom app.

Note: Bitsmith Classroom App is a very useful tool to the Parents. When it comes to check their ward’s overall progress, it helps them to stay updated about their ongoing activities in the institution.


Kindly, install Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app on your device. Make sure that you have Parent’s access.

Step 1 — Enter Respective Access Of Given Classroom

After logging in using your respective credentials, click on the classroom of your ward.

Step 2 — Check Required Information

Here, you’ll find all the respective modules in which you would like the information of. Check Assignments, Attendance, Lectures scheduled, Notices, Results, status of applied leaves, etc.


In this guide, we learnt to check how the Classroom App is useful for a Parent and how can they check their student’s overall information from academic to personal records by using the Classroom App.