How To Export Student/Parent Contacts in Bitsmith Classroom App?

This article is a guide on how to Export Student/Parent Contacts in Bitsmith Classroom App.

Note: This feature will only be accessed by a Class Teacher with Class Teacher Access.


Kindly have Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app installed on your device. Make sure that you are having Class Teacher access or credentials.

Step 1 – Enter Class Teacher Access.

After logging in using your respective credentials. Click on tools.

Step 2- Choose contacts to export.

After you enter the tools page, click on the Contacts you want to export. Export Student Contact or Export Parent Contacts.

Step 3 — Saving contacts

After you click on any of the Export contacts, Bitsmith classroom will automatically save contacts to your device.


In this guide, we learned how to Export student/parent contacts using the Bitsmith Classroom App.

How Can A Student Apply For Leave Using The Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal?

This article is a guide on how to apply for leave using Classroom Web Portal. In this guide, we will learn to apply for leave using Bitsmith Classroom web portal.

Note: This feature will only be accessed by a Student with Student Access.


Make sure you are logged in to your college’s web portal. Click here for a list of college web portal links. Kindly check if you have Student access.

Step 1 — Login in your Student Access

Login using your respective student access credentials.

Step 2 — Click On Leaves

After clicking on Leaves, you”ll be directed to the Leaves section. There you will see a Apply for leave button. Click on Apply for leave to create your leave application.

Step 3 – Fill Information

Fill the reason and message. Select From date and To date. Upload a supporting file if required. Click Request Leave button when you are done filling the information. Click on OK.


In this guide, we learnt how to apply for leaves using Classroom Web Portal.

How To Add Enquiry In Bitsmith Classroom App in Web Portal?

This article is based on how a Principal how adds an Enquiry about any department using the web portal.

In this guide, we will learn how to add an enquiry about any department on Bitsmith Classroom as a Principal.


Make sure you are logged in to your college’s web portal. Click here for a list of college web portal links. Kindly check if you have Principal access.

Step 1 — Login Using Principal Access

After logging in, click on the More option.

Step 2 — Choose Enquiries

After opening Enquiries, you will be able to the number of queries in total, resolved and unresolved and general information like name, email address, contact no. etc.

Step 3 — Tap on Create Enquiry

This is the final step for creating or adding an enquiry. Fill in necessary information of Name, Mobile No. , Email, etc. After you’re done, click on create.


In this guide, we learnt how a Principal can create or add an enquiry using Web Portal.

How To Update Email Address & Other Details in Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal?

This article is based on updating email address and other information on Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal.

In this guide, we shall learn to update information using Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal.


Make sure you are logged in to your college’s web portal. Click here for a list of college web portal links.

Step 1 — Log in Using Student Access

After logging in , you will see your name and Student access on top right corner. Click on it. Then, click on Profile.

Step 2 — Click on Edit icon

After opening Profile, you will be able to see Edit icon near every editable field. Tap on edit icon of the field you need to update.

Step 3 — Fill The Information & Save Changes

This is the final step of updating information. Fill the updated information. After editing the information click on save changes button at the bottom.


In this guide, we’ve learnt to update email and other information from Bitsmith Classroom Web Portal.

How To Update Email Address & other details in Bitsmith Classroom App?

This article is based on, how a student can update their email addresses and other details using Bitsmith Classroom App.


Kindly have Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app installed on your device. Make sure that you are having Student access or credentials.

Step 1 – Login into the bitsmith classroom app.

After logging in using your respective credentials. Click on the user profile icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Home Page

Step 2- Click on the settings icon.

After you enter the profile page, click on the settings icon in the top-right corner of the screen

Student access Home Page

Step 3- Click on the “Update Details” option.

After you enter the settings page, scroll down and click on the “Update Details” option.

Student access Home Page

Step 4- Update the details and click on the “tick” button to save.

After you enter the Update Details page, update the information you want to change and then click on the “right-tick” button in the bottom-right corner of your screen to save the updated information.

Student access Home Page


In this guide we learnt how to update your email address & other details in Bitsmith Classroom App.

How does A Class Teacher Can Create Students Using Bitsmith Classroom App?

This article will show how a Class Teacher can create new Student’s account.


Kindly, install Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app on your device. Make sure that you have your respective credentials to use Class Teacher Access.

Step 1 — Login using Class Teacher Access

Here, you can see the home page of Class Teacher Access.

Class Teacher Access

Step 2 – Tap On Students & Tap Create

Tap on Students then tap on create button at the bottom.

Reset Password Page

Step 3 — Fill the information

Fill the information in the form. Roll number, First name, Gender, Mobile are required fields. Tap on Done. The new student will be created.

Step 4 — Share the credentials

Share the credentials with the students.


In this guide, we learnt how to create account for a new student using Class Teacher Access using the Classroom App.

How to create student account?

In this guide, we will learn to create Student Account on Bitsmith Classroom app.


Kindly open bitsmith website  on your browser. Make sure that you are having Class Teacher access.

Kindly have Bitsmith Classroom app or your institute’s classroom app installed on your device. Make sure that you are having Class Teacher access.

Step 1 — Enter Respective Access

You can see Class Teacher access for your Institute. Select the access, you will be able to view different options including Attendance, Batches, Leaves etc.

Create Student

Step 2 — Choose Student

After opening Students, you will be able to see New button at the bottom. Tap on it.

Students page

Step 3 — Fill The Information

Fill the information that is being asked, and after click on Create Button.

Create Notice Page

Step 3 — Click okay

A Pop Up window will be opened after clicking create button check for all the information and click Ok .

Create Notice Page

After you create a student, student profiler table will be updated with newly added students data and class teacher will be able to view newly added student’s data in the table.


In this guide, we’ve created a student by using the class Teacher access.

How To Effectively Manage Your Studies!

Hey students, how are you? How much syllabus have you covered? In this article, we are going to see how to study effectively at home for long hours and at the time of the exam how to manage your studies effectively.

A lot of us have the habit of procrastinating things and putting off the work as long as possible thereby not sticking to our study plans. So many of us had a question how to study effectively at home and at the time of exams?

So it’s very important to make a study plan which encompasses not only a TimeTable but also defines a methodology to follow a strong work ethic, self-discipline, right preparation&planning, prioritizing work, and having a sense of accountability for your learning outcomes. Remember “Grades don’t define you it just defines whether you get the stuff done or not”. So a way to get into the ‘study mode’ is by just starting and keep going until you are in that mode rather than waiting until it comes to you.

7 tips to study effectively at home for long hours

1. Focus on why you do what you want to do?

We easily get overwhelmed by the potential outcome the task is going to have but after a period no longer we have the motivation to continue with the tasks. The reason is a lack of clarity and purpose of why we need to do certain work. The solution is simple just write down 5 reasons as to why you want to complete this task and paste it in front of your study desk so that when you get discouraged, the ‘why factor’ will give you the power to stay focussed on the critical task at hand. Study until you are confident in what you know and that you will do well.

2. Plan a schedule of activities

As soon as you wake up in the morning after making your bed, try to make a To-do list of the important tasks that you will be doing throughout the day. It gives you a better understanding of the flow of activities and how much time you need to devote to every task at hand. This way of jotting things down gives you the power to organize the day as you want and gives room to be super productive

3. Break down the task

Don’t overwhelm yourself if you have huge tasks piling up. You don’t have to do it the first day and you shouldn’t do it the last. Relax, breathe and break down the task into bite-sized chunks. Keep telling yourself that it’s easy or it won’t take that long. This is a super productive hack as no matter how big the task is you can complete it within your time as you do it in small pieces. And yes don’t forget to reward yourself after completing every task no matter how small – it gives you self-satisfaction and a sense of relief.

4. Clean up your space & study in a consistent place.

Clean your surroundings before starting, the less the clutter the more your mind will be clear helping you improve focus and peace of mind. A dedicated specific space with fewer (if no) distractions is ideal for efficient and focused studies. It will help you keep things organized. Establishing study habits is extremely important. Knowing what and when you’re going to study saves a lot of time in making decisions.

5. Procrastination is the key barrier.

You choose the pleasant and lovely bits of life over the challenging and tedious; it’s entirely rational, understandable, and makes perfect sense. Experts define procrastination as the voluntary delay of some important task that we intend to do, despite knowing that we’ll suffer as a result. However, procrastination is followed by a series of negative emotions such as guilt, doubt, inadequacy, self-loathing, etc., and results in stress and anxiety. But just remember there is no right time, mood, vibe, or place – start now.

But How to Avoid Procrastination?

  • Face your fears: control them and get done with the work in hand. Success does not come from finishing, it comes from starting.
  • Focus on completion over perfection: Just trying and doing it OK is better than not starting at all. Celebrate the small movements of achievement and don’t forget to reward yourself.
  • Identify the tasks that are important in achieving your goals: Follow the 80/20 rule and also the Pomodoro technique is highly effective if you tend to procrastinate. Some apps like Forest and Marinara timer are good to keep you productive.
  • Remind yourself of the consequences of procrastination: Try to complete several small tasks to provide a feeling of accomplishment. Reward yourself after the task completion.

6. Stick to your Schedule:

A study plan works best when it is followed consistently. Differentiate between leisure and learning. Start initially with a 30 minutes study session and increase it by 5 minutes every day until it reaches 50 minutes; you can do this over five days, but you need to do this consistently day after day.  Remember, the most important thing is sticking to your plan.

7. Remember to take some breaks:

Set aside time to reward yourself after completing the specified amount of studies. Go for a walk/run/swim, watch TV, listen to music or do anything that makes you relaxed and happy. Also don’t forget to stretch, hydrate, and rest your mind. This will keep your brain fresh and help prevent you from feeling tired.

Productivity is about energy and focus (not time) — sprint and then rest. The way to get into the ‘study mode’ is by just starting and keeping going until you are in that mode rather than waiting until it comes to you. Your study plan is all about helping you be more efficient and productive. If you find that it’s not working, don’t get discouraged. It’s ok to make changes as you figure out what works best for you!!!


I hope you guys are not clear about how to study effectively at home for long hours, and how to manage your studies for exams effectively. So that’s all for now, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Mondays Suck! – Here’s How To Make Monday More Productive

Most of us dread Mondays. We always live & wait for the Weekends to arrive. We’ve always celebrated Fridays over the Mondays culturally- be at movies, music, or with peers. We need to break this bias of Monday is horrible and Friday is great. What if we got to rescue Mondays? So in this article, we are going to see how to make your Monday more productive and efficient so your week would be best ahead.

Well, the truth of the matter is that you are certainly going to have some difficult days some Tuesdays that aren’t fun! There’s no such thing as a perfect day, and that’s something that cripples a lot of people. People think I need to find that one perfect day where I get to do things I want to do but that surely doesn’t exist.

But what if you could ask yourself, can I use more of me on a Monday than I got to a week ago? Can I use more of the things I’m good at? Can I start to look forward to a Wednesday to do some great work&rejoice myself and not just be a part of this culture where only weekends are celebrated? But what if I told you that you have the power to make your Mondays calmer, more productive& even happier? You can get productive Monday and start the week right by adopting a few simple changes in your morning routine.

6 Best Tips To Make your Monday Productive and Efficient

1. Start With a Deep Breath & Gratitude

The Monday that starts with the blaring alarm and anxious thoughts speeds along into the dread of Friday’s unfinished work. For a calmer Monday it’s great to start the day with some deep breath and breathing exercises to relax your mind. Instead of focusing on feeling unhappy about returning to work, you can think about the positive things you enjoyed over the weekend. During your weekend, it’s far too easy to focus on how you don’t want to go to work. This can easily cause you to feel negative and set your Monday up for instant failure. Instead, develop a sense of gratitude for your wonderful weekend and focus on all of the positive experiences you enjoyed.

2. Make a To-Do list to Plan your Week

The habit of writing a To-do list and jotting down all the tasks you need to do is one of the most productive tip for getting started with your day. Make a list of everything you want to get done,& group similar tasks together, because breaking down work into achievable pieces helps doing it faster. When you write something down, it serves as both a physical and mental reminder of what you need to do. Even if you don’t accomplish your entire to-do list, having one means you are more likely to finish more tasks during the day. Try using some online checklist apps.

“Okay, It’s Monday

But who said Mondays have to suck?

Be a rebel and have a great day anyway.”

Kimberley Jimenez

3. Establish a Routine

Start small. Pick one primary goal for the week and measure your success on that basis. That pick doesn’t have to be something massive it can be anything small. Because it doesn’t matter what that goal is, as long as you get in the habit of choosing a primary goal for the week and making sure you can at least get that done. Once that’s a habit, you can set bigger and more frequent weekly goals so that you can achieve maximum. When you create a routine, it allows you to easily switch from your weekend mindset to your weekday mindset and the alternative. This helps you to improve your concentration, mood, and focus.

4. Learn to say NO!

You are only one person, so you can’t do everything yourself. Learn to say No to the things that are not that urgent and learn to prioritize your workload so you don’t waste your valuable time doing unnecessary things. If you are finding it hard to handle all of your responsibilities at work, you may need to start saying “no” more often. Take a look at your to-do list, if it is a mile long and full of things you don’t have to do, cut it down a bit. Monday sucks enough already, so the last thing you need is more useless, unnecessary tasks cluttering up your work schedule.

5. Set alarm reminders to take break from all the devices

Don’t be one of those people who shut down their computers only to start staring again at their smartphone screens. This defeats the whole purpose. Leave your computer, Leave your phone. If you’re constantly getting notifications from social media or floods of texts or mails waiting for you in inbox then you’ll never get anything done, so simply try to ignore them till you’re all set with your To-do list. Problem is, texts or inboxes have a way of making us think they’re more urgent than they really are. You should be proactive in setting your priorities. Don’t let your plans become a reaction to your inbox. By putting your phone on silent and avoiding interruptions, you can get more of your work done in the same amount of time. Use a Pomodoro timer app to set a timer to set your priorities and get the work done which prevents you from any distractions like inbox or social media.

6. Give Yourself a Moment and Make Monday More Productive

Take a break. You deserve it. Whoever says being productive is all about grinding for hours on end without ever taking a break has clearly never maximized his or her productivity.

One of the best things you can do to make your Monday (or any day) more effective is intentionally stepping away from what you’re working on to clear your head. Go for a walk outside, and you’ll come back ready to dive in again. During your break, spend a few minutes focusing on your breathing and letting go of any negative emotions. A few minutes of silent meditation will help you process any negative feelings and boost your concentration. If you work with computers, every 20 minutes, stare at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a well-deserved break and prevent a headache from too much screen time. Thus the breaks will give you confidence going into the rest of the day and set you up for a successful week. I hope these tips would be useful to you and can answer your question How To Make Monday More Productive?

By integrating the best productivity tips and techniques into your routine, you can make your Monday more productive and countable. These tips will help you sail smoothly through your Monday to reach the safety and comfort of a Tuesday morning without a hitch and the whole week ahead will become productive with Monday

How Digital Learning Is Changing The Way We Teach And Learn!

As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the entire world was compelled to go Online to continue with their work. While many offices shifted to work-from-home to get the work done, educational institutes also had to adopt a learn-from-home approach so that students don’t suffer from academic losses. Well pre-covid, hardly any teachers approved online learning as an effective method of studying as well as teaching, because education was always perceived to be given in a traditional classroom environment. But as there was no other way available, the entire education system around the world had to find out the best ways to continue teaching-learning activities through the best available digital mediums.

With the 4G internet revolution getting pace over the past few years, a large population of our country has gotten an affordable internet connection & accessibility to smartphones due to which digital learning is entering into a totally new phase which is growing exponentially and looks like it’s going to change the way entire academic learning process works. It changed the way people consume content on smartphones internet. Accessibility of 4G and high-speed internet brought cloud adoption widely in all the domains including education. COVID pandemic is adding an extra boost to this and preparing all the stakeholders even stronger to believe in the digital teaching-learning process and make it an integral part of traditional schooling and classroom learning

Digital Learning

If you look at the current times, even pre-KG kids are learning sitting at home using parents’ smartphones. Which shows how digital education has revolutionized the learning process and made it mobile, engaging, and interactive. Digital Learning or also called e-learning or Technology Enhanced Learning is all about using digital technologies and tools in an innovative fashion to make teaching and learning more easy &accessible.

While the conventional education system is grades and exam-centric, digital learning enables students to learn from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes & it is focused on effectively imparting knowledge as well as skills.

Some Advantages of Digital Learning :
  • Personalized Learning
  • Makes Students familiar with digital tools & technologies
  • Better engagement rates
  • Deep involvement of parents & teachers
  • Extensive learning opportunities
  • Motivates students
  • Make students smarter & more accountable
  • Flexibility to learn whenever they want etc…
The art of new-age learning: A dynamic phenomenon - Education Today News
Digital Learning – The art of new age learning

Also, online education has removed the language barrier as the internet & smartphone gave teachers the freedom to create content in their own language with minimum available resources and share it with students at rocket speed. Thereby enabling students to access education in their native languages. Also, it empowers interactive learning through live online classes which enable effective learning when there is maximum interaction between the teachers & the students. Also with Live classes, there is an opportunity for online group discussions which further promotes the involvement of the students in the learning process.

Smartboards and technology-enabled learning have started replacing the traditional methods of teaching using blackboards and chalks and learning from textbooks. As the recent technological developments like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Learning are having a huge impact on the education sector making learning more fun, stress-free and immersive.

How do SMART Boards help in the classroom?

Lockdown forced students & teachers to leverage the power of digital learning all across the globe. But I think the pandemic has started a new wave of academic and learning activities that will completely change the picture of education and revolutionize this sector by employing digital learning strategies to enhance learning and not just continue it through digital means. Students from the remotest parts of the world will access high-quality learning content sitting in their homes and chase their dreams of education and career growth.

Challenges of Digital Transformation :

Though there are many opportunities with the developments in the technology. But shifting to digital transformation does pose some challenges to students and teachers like- Effective management of the entire classroom, attendance monitoring, assignment tracking, reports or results generation, fees collection, new interfaces, new systems, and many more.

But we have a solution for this. We at “Bitsmith” are passionately working towards helping educational institutes go digital. We have a range of dynamic products which provide a single system for centralized academic management.

Our Products Include:
  • Bitsmith Classroom — Complete College Management System
  • Bitsmith Campus — Social Network for campus students
  • Admission Management — Admission Portal for schools & colleges
  • College Fests Management — Registration, Monitoring & Finance Reporting for college events
  • Bitsmith Library — Digitization

Feel free to connect with us, we will be happy to assist your institute go digital !!