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How Digital Learning Is Changing The Way We Teach And Learn!

As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the entire world was compelled to go Online to continue with their work. While many offices shifted to work-from-home to get the work done, educational institutes also had to adopt a learn-from-home approach so that students don’t suffer from academic losses. Well pre-covid, hardly any teachers approved online learning as an effective method of studying as well as teaching, because education was always perceived to be given in a traditional classroom environment. But as there was no other way available, the entire education system around the world had to find out the best ways to continue teaching-learning activities through the best available digital mediums.

With the 4G internet revolution getting pace over the past few years, a large population of our country has gotten an affordable internet connection & accessibility to smartphones due to which digital learning is entering into a totally new phase which is growing exponentially and looks like it’s going to change the way entire academic learning process works. It changed the way people consume content on smartphones internet. Accessibility of 4G and high-speed internet brought cloud adoption widely in all the domains including education. COVID pandemic is adding an extra boost to this and preparing all the stakeholders even stronger to believe in the digital teaching-learning process and make it an integral part of traditional schooling and classroom learning

Digital Learning

If you look at the current times, even pre-KG kids are learning sitting at home using parents’ smartphones. Which shows how digital education has revolutionized the learning process and made it mobile, engaging, and interactive. Digital Learning or also called e-learning or Technology Enhanced Learning is all about using digital technologies and tools in an innovative fashion to make teaching and learning more easy &accessible.

While the conventional education system is grades and exam-centric, digital learning enables students to learn from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their homes & it is focused on effectively imparting knowledge as well as skills.

Some Advantages of Digital Learning :
  • Personalized Learning
  • Makes Students familiar with digital tools & technologies
  • Better engagement rates
  • Deep involvement of parents & teachers
  • Extensive learning opportunities
  • Motivates students
  • Make students smarter & more accountable
  • Flexibility to learn whenever they want etc…
The art of new-age learning: A dynamic phenomenon - Education Today News
Digital Learning – The art of new age learning

Also, online education has removed the language barrier as the internet & smartphone gave teachers the freedom to create content in their own language with minimum available resources and share it with students at rocket speed. Thereby enabling students to access education in their native languages. Also, it empowers interactive learning through live online classes which enable effective learning when there is maximum interaction between the teachers & the students. Also with Live classes, there is an opportunity for online group discussions which further promotes the involvement of the students in the learning process.

Smartboards and technology-enabled learning have started replacing the traditional methods of teaching using blackboards and chalks and learning from textbooks. As the recent technological developments like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Learning are having a huge impact on the education sector making learning more fun, stress-free and immersive.

How do SMART Boards help in the classroom?

Lockdown forced students & teachers to leverage the power of digital learning all across the globe. But I think the pandemic has started a new wave of academic and learning activities that will completely change the picture of education and revolutionize this sector by employing digital learning strategies to enhance learning and not just continue it through digital means. Students from the remotest parts of the world will access high-quality learning content sitting in their homes and chase their dreams of education and career growth.

Challenges of Digital Transformation :

Though there are many opportunities with the developments in the technology. But shifting to digital transformation does pose some challenges to students and teachers like- Effective management of the entire classroom, attendance monitoring, assignment tracking, reports or results generation, fees collection, new interfaces, new systems, and many more.

But we have a solution for this. We at “Bitsmith” are passionately working towards helping educational institutes go digital. We have a range of dynamic products which provide a single system for centralized academic management.

Our Products Include:
  • Bitsmith Classroom — Complete College Management System
  • Bitsmith Campus — Social Network for campus students
  • Admission Management — Admission Portal for schools & colleges
  • College Fests Management — Registration, Monitoring & Finance Reporting for college events
  • Bitsmith Library — Digitization

Feel free to connect with us, we will be happy to assist your institute go digital !!

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