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How Digital Learning Is Changing The Way We Teach And Learn!

As the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the entire world was compelled to go Online to continue with their work. While many offices shifted to work-from-home to get the work done, educational institutes also had to adopt...

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Mondays Suck! – Here’s How To Make Monday More Productive

Most of us dread Mondays. We always live & wait for the Weekends to arrive. We’ve always celebrated Fridays over the Mondays culturally- be at movies, music, or with peers. We need to break this bias of Mon...

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How To Effectively Manage Your Studies!

Hey students, how are you? How much syllabus have you covered? In this article, we are going to see how to study effectively at home for long hours and at the time of the exam how to manage your studi...

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What’s The Need For Using A Classroom Management Software?

Today, education is the product of massive digital transformation. Along with this comes many challenges which make it essential to address the evolving needs of this domain. Though the re-opening of the instit...

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5 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Efficiency & Managing Workload

The ways to strike balance between work and life present challenges for many in the academic and research sectors. Which have an increasingly demanding environment due to the amount of complex work the staff do...