Case Studies

Case Study: How Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering Improved their Staff Feedback System with our ERP and LMS Software

Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering (SKNCOE) is a premier engineering college in Pune, India. Like many colleges, SKNCOE faced challenges with their staff feedback system. The traditional paper-based system was time-consuming and difficult to manage, and the feedback response rate was low. But with the implementation of our ERP and LMS software, SKNCOE was able to improve their staff feedback system and achieve remarkable results.
Our ERP and LMS software includes a comprehensive staff feedback system that allows educators to provide detailed feedback on their performance and receive real-time statistics. The system is fully integrated with the rest of the software, which allows educators to access the feedback they receive and respond to it in a timely manner.
When SKNCOE implemented our software, they saw a significant increase in the feedback response rate. In fact, the response rate grew by 200% within the first month of implementation. This was a significant improvement over the traditional paper-based system, which had a response rate of only 60%.
The software also provided detailed statistics that helped the college understand the feedback received and take action accordingly. The college was able to track the performance of individual educators and identify areas that needed improvement. This allowed them to take action quickly and improve their performance.
The staff feedback system was also integrated with the college’s ERP system, which allowed for easy tracking of the feedback and response rate. This helped the college to have a clear view of the overall staff performance, which helped in the decision-making process.
In conclusion, Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering was able to improve their staff feedback system with the implementation of our ERP and LMS software. The software’s detailed feedback system and real-time statistics helped the college to increase the feedback response rate by 200%, and take action to improve the performance of individual educators. This case study demonstrates the importance of an ERP and LMS software in providing a comprehensive and integrated solution for education institutions.